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Runnin’ Wild Farm

This month DIGS Camera Club members had the opportunity to go on a photo-shoot to Runnin’ Wild Farm. Each month members practice camera skills wile enjoying taking pictures in various places in the community. This particular photo-shoot we worked with our zoom lenses, the importance of keeping the camera steady…

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written by Barbara Monday Garden Art Fundraising:  Thank you to everyone who helped with the Spring Art Market and the Cedar Valley Arts Festival.  At the Art Market we raised approx. $1200.  And although, we were rained out on Sunday in Cedartown, we made over $600! If accepted, we are planning to do Finster…

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We Don’t Keep Them in the Attic Anymore

written by Barbara Monday Tom is an adult living with a developmental disability. He has a part-time job, working five days a week. He works hard and is very dedicated to doing a good job. He gets up, fixes his breakfast and takes the bus to work. He shops for…

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